Scientists for Gaza

To International Community:

We, the undersigned, as scientists and members of universities, express our utmost concern and condemnation of the current Israeli attacks in Gaza strip. This is a clear violation of international law, specifically the Fourth Geneva Convention “relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War” (1949).We cannot remain silent as we receive mails from our colleagues in Gaza, such as
– Suleiman Baraka, astrophysicist in Gaza, who got his PhD in IAP (Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris) and also spent one month in the institute in September 2008. He completed a postdoc in USA, National Institute of Aerospace, and was planning to go back to Gaza to open a research centre in physics. He wrote to us that, after a F16 strike, his house has blown up and swept away, his mother is injured and his 10 years old son is in coma;
– Ziad Medoukh, chief of the French department in Gaza Al-Aqsa university and coordinator of the university peace centre. While he obtained a grant from the French government to study in Paris 8 university, he was not allowed by the Israeli army to leave Gaza. His two cousins and three neighbours are dead in the bombing. After their funeral, he witnessed: “The Israeli army is on its way to destroy Gaza, it bombards everything: schools, mosques, universities, houses, shops, hospitals, police stations and ministries”;
– Students and members of the Islamic university, located on the centre of Gaza, and bombed throughout the night of December 28th.

We are convinced that our individual and official collaborations with researchers and universities in Palestine, and in Gaza, contribute to the peace and communication between people.
In the light of the above, we call on our governments

  • to condemn the attack,
  • to make pressure on the UN to take actions to « restore international peace and security », on behalf of the Chapter VII of its charter.

Furthermore, we ask for

  • the end of the siege on Gaza,
  • the free movement of Palestinians, including students and researchers.


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