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CiOb-Open Science it’s a non-profit association, founded on 2008 in the Faculty of Biology of the University of Barcelona, with the intention to approach science and environment to society through a fresh, dynamic and clear language.

The idea arises from the necessity to foment a communication channel that serves to approach science to people.


The main objective of Open Science is to promote the investigation, the divulgation and the education of sciences and environment by means of debates, conferences, seminaries, articles and exhibitions, among others, that imply the scientific community and the public into a feed-back.

For it we will use strategies of continuous innovation in the search of communicative systems that can facilitate that the scientific language arrives from more fluid and clear way to the people.

On the other hand, also we fomented the collaboration with other projects and use different disciplines, like arts, enriching the message, demonstrating that science is not something isolated that belongs to a minority, but that hides behind each thing which we see, even in ourselves, our body, our brain… We are science, without knowing it.

Platforms, formats and supports:

Website, audio-visual, publications, social networks, virtual worlds (metaverses) or videogames are some of the channels we are using and exploring.


Channels Of Communication and divulgation for Science in Virtual Worlds, Open Science Group Project

*Sci-O* El Diario de Ciència Oberta

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